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The Choice

In a world where light and darkness intertwined like the dance of dawn and dusk, there lived a young girl named Lila. She was known for her kindness, her bright smile that could light up the darkest of nights, and her unwavering belief in the goodness of people.

One day, as Lila wandered through the forest near her home, she stumbled upon a hidden clearing bathed in golden sunlight. Intrigued, she stepped into the clearing and found herself standing in the presence of two beings, one radiant with light and the other cloaked in shadows.

The being of light spoke first, its voice gentle and soothing. "Greetings, child. I am the embodiment of light, of hope, of all that is good and pure. I offer you the chance to be a beacon of hope for others, to shine brightly in their lives and guide them through the darkness."

Lila's eyes widened in wonder, but before she could respond, the shadowy figure stepped forward, its voice low and enticing. "Do not be fooled by the light's promises," it whispered. "I am the shadow, the keeper of secrets and hidden truths. Embrace me, and you will wield power beyond your wildest dreams."

Lila hesitated, torn between the allure of power and the call of her heart. She closed her eyes and listened to the whisper of her inner voice, the voice that had guided her through countless trials and tribulations.

Slowly, she opened her eyes and faced the beings before her. "I choose to be a light in the dark," she declared, her voice steady and resolute. "I choose to shine brightly, to offer hope and kindness to those in need.

For in the end, it is not power or darkness that defines us, but the light we bring into the world."

With her choice made, Lila felt a warm glow spread through her body, filling her with a sense of purpose and joy. The shadowy figure faded away, defeated by her unwavering resolve, while the being of light smiled and embraced her.

From that day on, Lila became known as the Lightbringer, a beacon of hope and kindness in a world often shrouded in darkness. Her light touched the hearts of all who met her, reminding them that no matter how dark the world may seem, there is always a light shining bright, waiting to guide them home.

We all can be Lila

LILA means - divine play


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