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  • Taurus in all of us !


    Digital living room space  for your online meditation - Nft art

    Celebrate the Taurus  season with a story You don't have be born under the influnces of Taurus to enjoy the empowering wall art


    In ancient times, when the gods were still shaping the world and the zodiac signs were being assigned their roles, there was a peaceful and serene bull named Taurus. Taurus was known throughout the heavens for its steadfastness, determination, and deep appreciation for beauty.

    One day, as the gods were assigning the zodiac signs their places in the sky, Taurus arrived late to the meeting. The other signs had already been assigned their positions, and there seemed to be no place left for Taurus. But Taurus, being the patient and persistent creature that it is, approached the gods and humbly asked for a chance to prove its worth.

    Impressed by Taurus's calm demeanor and unwavering determination, the gods decided to test its resolve. They asked Taurus to move a great mountain to prove its strength. Without hesitation, Taurus accepted the challenge.

    For days and nights, Taurus pushed and pulled at the mountain, never once faltering in its determination. Finally, with a mighty heave, Taurus moved the mountain, revealing a beautiful valley beyond. The gods, amazed by Taurus's strength and perseverance, granted it a place in the zodiac.

    And so, Taurus became known as the sign of strength, determination, and beauty. Its position in the sky serves as a reminder to us all that with patience, persistence, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of the world, we can overcome any obstacle that stands in our way.



    You don't have be born under the influnces of Taurus to enjoy the empowering wall art .....


    "Embrace the fearless spirit of Aries with this motivational wall art. Bold and adventurous, Aries inspires courage and passion. This art piece, with its dynamic shapes and fiery reds, symbolizes the essence of Aries, urging you to embrace your own inner fire and conquer any challenge that comes your way. Let it remind you to live with courage, passion, and independence, just like an Aries."


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    Get two digtal wall art -nft- for your computer or phone 

    All watermarks removed when purchased

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