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Eclipsing your Power ?: Did you leave it in doubt.

Greetings, beautiful souls! I'm Queen B. Divine, and I hope you're all doing well. Today, I want to remind you to call your power back to you. In a world where people often try to take pieces of you, it's crucial to be all of yourself to navigate through life successfully.

Before you start your day and as you prepare for sleep, make sure your spirit is comfortable within the vessel of your body. Call all your power back to you from places where you've left it in doubt, fear, and sadness. Nurture it, sleep well, and rise with strength.

Welcome to the Curious Conversation, where we explore astrology, my insights, and how to interpret your own life. It's about strengthening your mind to be your own life interpreter. We'll also touch on the eclipse, the moon in Leo, and a mantra from "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" as we transition from the subconscious season to the head.

I am Queen B. Divine, a healer and seer, passionate about all forms of healing. My intention is to help you use your own mindset to shape your life, overcoming the challenges of a world that often distracts us from our true selves.

The eclipse is approaching, and there's a lot of talk about it on social media, with many sensationalized ideas. It's essential not to let fear seep into your subconscious. As we move from the subconscious season, fear can be planted, affecting our thoughts and actions. We must remain centered in love, not fear.

In the last few days of the subconscious season, pay attention to what's being sewn into your subconscious. Fear is powerful, but so is love. Choose love over fear, and notice the changes within and around you.

Join me in the Self-Love 30-Day Challenge, where we focus on finding love within ourselves. It's important to take care of your mindset, as it shapes your future. Remember, you are a divine being, and your self-love journey starts within.

I invite you to visit, where I share daily digital wall art with positive mantras to inspire your day. Mantras prepare your mind for better decisions and a more inspired life.

Thank you for joining me in this Curious Conversation. Remember, you are worth it. Walk your truth boldly, and let love guide your path. See you for day three of the Self-Love 30-Day Challenge. One love!

Sun in Pisces - Moon in Leo

-In the depth of your heart ...  knowing  that your are worth it. Helps create your wealth 

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