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Get it in to your head....Tis the season

Greetings, greetings, greetings, I'm Queen B. Divine, and welcome to the Cure the Conversation moment. Yeah, the Cure the Conversation moment. If you're on that side of it because you have done the work, putting what you need into the subconscious so it flourishes into the consciousness, into your headspace, well, I'm feeling it,

I'm seeing it, I'm seeing that all the work I've done, about a six-month wellness, and I started back in October, and I started, I began to heal my body according to astrology. Each astrology sign represents a part of the body, so I focused on that part of the body and what it represents according to what we've learned, and began to heal myself through the sun signs, and then apply love to each body through the moon signs, so I'm constantly healing my body at different times according to the energy of the earth, and I love the results, and this is what I do for others if they wish.

I'm starting a whole new astrology healing again in October, and I'm going to be launching that soon enough, you know, just getting together and beginning the program again and healing your body, going into the spiritual winter, getting the nourishment in the underground seasons so you can flourish in the spring, looking all fantastic and dazzling, the best version of you every day as we go forward, and we're going to celebrate in the next bit of this blog, sun in Aries, and what does that mean for all of us, and moon in Leo, and I'm going to give you a little taste of sometimes we don't know we're sowing seeds, and I'm going to share a conversation that I had with my sister, and yeah, so let's get to it.

Sun in Aries -Moon in Leo  balance your head and your heart before making any decisions. Speak your desires into existence. One love, and have a great day!

I call my power back to me from all the places that it shouldn't be. Call your power back before you leave here for work every morning and after you come home because life can be draining, and just the word implies that you're being depleted of spiritual minerals and vitamins, so call your space back. Call your love back. Call everything back to you that is yours so you can sleep well and rise even better, and while we're in the sun in Aries, it's great to celebrate it. It's great for the next 30, 28 days, whatever it is.

Celebrate the mindset, good, bad, or indifferent, right? We must be compassionate with ourselves because we're growing. We're growing, and one thing that's really good for our mindsets, our headspace, is sleep. Please do not deprive yourself of sleep. Sleep really helps the brain to grow, and when we take care of ourselves by nurturing ourselves with something as simple as sleeping, you know, one thing that helps me, I love a good bed ritual. Let me tell you, my bed, don't mess with my bed.

My mother , a Jamaican woman. God bless her. We weren't allowed to go in her bedroom, and if we did, she had to be with us, and we sure wasn't allowed to sit on her bed. Anytime we would sit she would say
"Cume off mi bed."You clean? Come off mi bed,"

 because she really believe that you transfer energy in everything you do, and you know, I'm beginning to understand that energy, so what I love as a bedtime ritual, I love clean sheets.

I make sure I have, I change my sheets as often as I possibly can, every four to five days. if I could do it every day, I would, but I don't have that ability, but if I get to that ability, I would change my sheets. Okay, that's kind of ridiculous. Maybe every three days. Right now, I'm at four, but I make sure that I, and I flip, I turn my mattress around. Not flip it to, but turn it around every week, so I'm using and changing the energy up. I like making my bed every morning. Super, super awesome. I change my pillows more often than I change my sheets, because you're putting your face right on there, right? So I like to keep my pillowcases clean. I use, I also have a spray linen, a linen spray, where I mix with a little bit of, what do you call it? Witch hazel, a little bit of rubbing alcohol, and I put a little, I don't know, maybe a drop, a tiny drop of tea tree or lavender in it, and I spray the bed every morning just to keep it fresh. I know, isn't it such a bed ritual? But I sleep well, because then I know my spirit is always, and my body is in a fresh, maintained space, and that's good for sleep. For, yeah, it's good for sleep to make sure you feel comfortable in that room.

I never, I, yeah, I'm gonna say I never bring my phone into the bedroom. It stays outside. That's, it's no zone. No zone. And I always have a glass of water, and this puts my head in a good space, because I know my subconscious. I've planted seeds in that Pisces energy. It shows me that I realize how important sleep is and rest is to the body, and it comes out through the actions that I do, preparing my bed for sleep, and that's a good mindset to be in. Every morning, I wake up, and the first thing I say is, thank you, and then I say how much I love me, and then I'm looking forward to creating wealth on all levels, as well as other mantras, but that's the first thing that comes out of my mouth, and then by that time, I'm up, and I'm in the kitchen.

It's a good time, right, because your mindset has been laid. I'm also, you know, I notice from mindset, when it comes to me, especially in the sun and areas that we're talking about, mindset is how compassionate we are when we make mistakes. Be aware of how you treat yourself when you make a mistake, or when you proceed to make a mistake, or you don't feel good about yourself. Your words have power, and if you are constantly negative speaking about yourself because you've done something that's really human, no matter what it is,

I want to tell you, no matter how dark it seems, and I'm saying dark, forgive yourself because that's the only way you can begin to heal, no matter how crude, gross, grotesque, gory, inhumane, anything that you've done. Forgive yourself, and from that day forward, strive to become better and heal that rift. That's the power of your mind. The more you laden yourself with guilt, and frustration, and sadness, you're not going to heal. You're going to be in that dark place, and the idea of healing is to be

The more you know, the more you realize the depth of wisdom that can be found in the simplest of moments. I recall my husband's grandmother, a woman of English descent, whose tea-time conversations were steeped in elegance and grace. She would offer tea with a gentle inquiry, "Would you like some tea, darling?" And though I often declined, opting instead for cookies, she persisted with her offer, a characteristic of her generation, and always concluded with a heartfelt blessing for everyone, a reminder of the importance of gratitude and generosity.

Her words resonate especially now, during the astrological phase of the sun in Aries, a time for asserting leadership and taking control of one's life. It's a period to shed blame and adopt a mindset of continuous self-improvement. Aries' energy encourages us to examine the intricacies of our thoughts, to be mindful of the influences on our minds. After all, whoever controls our thoughts holds a position of power akin to a deity. This is a valuable reminder in a world where big businesses and celebrities often dictate our desires and actions, prompting us to spend exorbitantly on experiences that may not truly enrich us.

This astrological period is an opportune moment to plant seeds of self-worth and self-love, nurturing them through daily practices. It's about establishing habits that prioritize self-care, which in turn enable us to better contribute to our communities. It's disheartening, then, to see large corporations prioritizing profit over community well-being. Perhaps it's time for them to follow a different "logo," one that symbolizes giving and sharing rather than greed and excess.

As we navigate these complexities, let's remember to support one another, not just in words but in actions. Let's be attuned to the needs of our neighbors, both locally and globally. Let's challenge the prevailing mindset and strive for a more compassionate, equitable world. Let's communicate, listen, and love, for in doing so, we truly elevate ourselves and others.

Take care, travel safe, and may you be blessed abundantly. Join me in this journey of self-discovery and community care at and let's continue this conversation on YouTube and Spotify. Your thoughts and insights are always welcome.

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