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Where is God ? Moon in Virgo & Libra

Greetings, greetings, greetings, I'm Queen B. Divine. How are you? Remember to call your power back to you, and remember to always tell yourself how awesome you are. We always try to impress others by telling them what we think of them and how beautiful they look, but remember to tell yourself some wonderful kind words, because kindness really does help the world go around, doesn't it?

Today, we're going to delve into a profound question: Where is God? In today's society, especially with everything happening around us, it's a question that lingers in many minds. As we witness the awakening of individuals striving to become better leaders in their own lives, we also see a shift towards demanding better leadership from big businesses, especially in areas like food affordability and quality.

This questioning extends to asking why God isn't seemingly looking out for the average person. Stories like the backlash against large corporations highlight a growing awareness and desire for fairness and justice. People are realizing the need to watch out for one another and create a more equitable society.

But where is God in all of this? Every day, when we wake up and open our eyes, there is God. When we feel the breeze on our face or take a sip of water, there is God. God is in all things, everywhere, all the time. The question then becomes: Where are we? Are we aligned with the elements and the universe, or have we disconnected ourselves?

It's essential to align ourselves with the elements of creation, to feel connected to the earth, water, air, and sun. When we ask where God is, we're really questioning our own alignment with the divine. We must remember that God does not adjust to us; we must adjust ourselves to God, to the natural flow of the universe.

In this time of awakening, let's strive to be lights in the dark rather than shadows in the sun. Let's uplift each other, support each other's dreams, and create a world full of light where everyone can benefit from the bounty of the universe.

So, where is God? God is everywhere, all the time, in all things. The question is, where are you? Are you aligned with the elements and in tune with the universe? Take care of yourself, align yourself with the divine, and remember, one love.

I'm Queen B. Divine, and you can join me at Let's continue this conversation and strive to be the best versions of ourselves.

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