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Queen B. Divine invites us on an astral voyage to understand the energies of the Pisces Moon.

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The mystical world of astrology holds secrets to our inner psyche, influencing our emotional landscape and intuitive capabilities. In this enlightening podcast episode, Queen B. Divine invites us on an astral voyage to understand the energies of the Pisces Moon. As we journey through the celestial constellations, we gain insight into the profound emotional currents and subconscious energies that Pisces stirs within us.

The episode begins with a deep dive into the astrological symbolism of Pisces, represented by two fishes forever swimming in opposite directions. This constant search and embrace of feelings resonates deeply with the intuitive nature of our subconscious. The profound symbolism offers valuable insights into our emotional self, highlighting the importance of introspection in understanding our inner emotional world.

Exploring the astrology clock, we find ourselves at the heart of Pisces, a zodiac sign closely associated with profound emotion and intuition. Here, Queen B. Divine encourages listeners to delve into their subconscious, unraveling the hidden feelings and instincts that can serve as a compass to navigate life's challenges and opportunities.

Simultaneously, the episode discusses the impact of retroquating Mercury in Capricorn on our ambitions and outer persona. Understanding this celestial body's influence can help us heighten our goals and guide us in climbing the mountain of our aspirations. This exploration of Mercury's retrograde cycle provides a fresh perspective on our personal and professional journeys.

Throughout this cosmic voyage, Queen B. Divine also shares her personal experiences of harnessing intuition and managing the undertow of subconscious emotions. Her journey serves as an inspiring testament to the power of astrology in guiding our paths to fulfillment.

As the episode concludes, we are introduced to the magic of healing stones - moonstone, amethyst, bloodstone, and turquoise. These stones, known for their grounding and elevating properties, can enhance our meditation experiences. Incorporating these stones into our spiritual practices can help us better align with the celestial energies and embrace the emotional serenity of our moon day.

In essence, this podcast episode is a gift to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of their emotional self. It illuminates the profound wisdom of astrology and offers practical tools to harness its insights. So, why wait? Join us on this enlightening expedition and discover the hidden depths of your subconscious.


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