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Your Mama!

Welcome to the Your Mama Podcast, where we dive deep into life's curie is conversations and explore what our mamas taught us, for better or for worse. I'm your host, Queen B.Divine, and before we jump into today's discussion, let's take a moment for a little self-check-in.

How are you feeling today? Have you done your daily check-in? Remember that silly childhood rhyme, "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes"? It might sound childish, but it's a reminder to tune in with our bodies from head to toe. Before you even get out of bed in the morning, take a moment to let your body catch up with your mind. Stretch, acknowledge that you're ready for the day ahead, just like a boss checking in with an employee to make sure they're okay to tackle the tasks ahead. When we check in with ourselves, we're preparing our bodies and minds for whatever challenges may come our way.

Now that you've checked in, I hope you're feeling ready to tackle the day ahead. And if you're not feeling your best, it's okay. Shift your mindset towards positive energy and focus on what will elevate your spirits.

Speaking of mindset, Where has common sense gone ? Are children learning any ? Hollywood is sure not leading the way...So let's explore what our mamas taught us. Despite any rocky relationships or past experiences, our mamas play a significant role in shaping who we are today. What did your mama teach you? Take a moment to reflect on the lessons you've learned, even if they weren't always delivered in the most conventional or loving ways.

Now, let's talk about #MotherDay. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the holiday. Why? Because showing love and appreciation for our mamas shouldn't be confined to just one day a year. It's about consistently nurturing and evolving our relationships with them. Whether your relationship with your mama is complicated or nonexistent, remember that she's a person too, capable of growth and change just like anyone else.

As we navigate through life, let's not forget the importance of common sense. It's not just about observing life, but also making wise choices and embracing abundance in all its forms. While some may chase after material wealth and fame, true abundance comes from within and extends to our connections with others, our experiences, and our ability to create positive change in the world.

On that note, let's delve into some insightful readings. "The Power of the Subconscious Mind" by Joseph Murray and "The Crystal Bible" by Judy Hall offer valuable perspectives on forgiveness, intuition, and healing. Whether it's forgiving others, aligning our energies, or exploring alternative healing modalities, there's wisdom to be gained from these sources.

Remember, every day is an opportunity to honor our mamas, to practice self-care, and to embrace the power of common sense. So take care of yourself and each other out there, and never underestimate the impact of a little mama wisdom.


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