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How to Protect Your Mental Health from Hidden Dangers:

Greetings, greetings, greetings! I am Queen B. Divine, and how are you? That's the main business going forward every day, all day. I hope you're well and feeling positive about the future. However, let's not kid ourselves; positivity is not the only thing required in this world. I'll get to that in a minute.

Today, I'm diving into a treasure trove of wisdom with the Crystal Bible, a wonderfully informative book about various crystals and gems that you can use as healing modalities. Alongside it, we'll explore The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. And to spice things up, I've added The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies to our roster. These resources provide a glimpse into the vast world of natural healing, but remember, true healing starts with you and your space.

Today, we'll talk about when you think someone is feeding you, but they're really starving you. Ooh, that's a big deal, and it ties directly into the importance of balanced mental health. Mental health is not all about positivity; it's about having the courage to face issues head-on.

A Lesson from Nature

The other day, my sister sent me a video that offered a profound insight into mental health. At first glance, it seemed to show a bird feeding its babies, a sweet Mother's Day sentiment. But on closer inspection, I realized it was actually another bird stealing from the nest while the mother was away. This stark image made me reflect on how often we misinterpret the intentions of those around us.

Show of hands: How many of us have been in circles—whether business, friendship, life, or family—where we thought those close to us were protecting us? From the outside, it might have looked like they were helping, but in reality, they were not. It's crucial to scrutinize the details in our lives, especially concerning our mental health.

Control and Mental Health

We live in a world obsessed with control. Janet Jackson famously sang about it, and it resonates deeply. We all desire control, but we must be careful about how we give it up, if at all. Mental health requires vigilance over those who claim to help us. Sometimes, those closest to us don't have our best interests at heart. Facing this truth is essential for a balanced mental health journey.

The Reality of Mental Health

Mental health isn't all sunshine and rainbows. It's about facing the reality of our surroundings to improve our quality of life. I've had to leave a toxic family behind—not because they're inherently toxic, but because they were toxic for me. This lesson extends to friendships: not everyone who smiles at you is your friend. Not everyone who feeds you wants to nourish you. We need to look deeper and ensure that those around us genuinely support our mental well-being.

Protecting Your Space

Your home is your heart, and it's vital to protect your mental space. Allowing just anyone into your life can drain your passion to live. Depression can hit hard, leaving you bedridden for weeks or months. Today, there's more awareness and support for mental health issues, but back in the day, we just had to deal with it. Mental health involves facing the darkness within us and ensuring it's not harming us.

The Journey to Mental Health

The journey to mental health is about walking a courageous line, balancing the light and the dark. It's about pulling out toxic habits and nurturing your healing. Surround yourself with positivity and protect your mental space. Trust your instincts—they guide you through the whispers of intuition, which, when ignored, become shouts from the universe.

Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month, a perfect time to evaluate your circle—whether personal, financial, or professional. Often, the most significant threats come from those closest to us. Regularly cleanse your spiritual and social environments. Your nest, your home, and your heart need protection from those who might take advantage of your vulnerability.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Let's dive into **The Power of the Subconscious Mind**. This book teaches us to project positivity and healing into our lives and the lives of others. Our thoughts are powerful; they shape our reality. Healing begins in the mind, and by aligning ourselves with positive thoughts, we contribute to our well-being and that of our community.

The Crystal Bible

Now, let's explore the **Crystal Bible**. Today, we look at Fire Agate, a stone that connects deeply with the earth, providing security and grounding. It supports us during difficult times, heals the stomach, nervous system, and improves vision. Fire Agate also balances the body's heat, making it an excellent companion for those seeking vitality and strength.

In closing, remember that mental health is a journey, not just a state of being. It's about facing all aspects of your life with courage and nurturing the infancy of your dreams and passions. Protect your mental space, trust your instincts, and walk the twilight path of healing with confidence. Let's continue to grow, heal, and thrive together.

Stay blessed and be well, always.

Queen B. Divine

The information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The views expressed in this blog are personal opinions and should be understood as such.

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