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What is the emotional time ?

Updated: Jan 21

🌟 Embark on a cosmic journey with Queen B. Divine and the Astrological Time Clock! 🌌 Welcome to a realm where wellness unfolds one astrological hour at a time. Picture this: a celestial clock guiding you through the cosmic energies, each hour a unique opportunity for self-discovery and mental balance.

what time is it

⏰ Imagine starting your day with the fierce determination of Aries, igniting the spark of 'I am' within you. , or the radiant leadership of Leo.

✨ Virgo invites you to analyze and serve, while Libra encourages harmony in every decision. Scorpio stirs passions, Sagittarius broadens your horizons, and Capricorn channels discipline into your endeavors. Aquarius sparks innovation, and Pisces invites you to believe in the spiritual connection.

🚀 But this isn't just a blog—it's a cosmic odyssey shared by Queen B. Divine. Join her as she unravels the secrets of the Astrological Time Clock, offering personal insights, experiences, and the transformative power of astrology.

🌈 Ready to align with the cosmic energies? Dive into the blog and discover the tools to become the best version of yourself. The Astrological Time Clock is not just a guide; it's an invitation to explore the magic within each hour. 🌟 One love, take care of you, and let the cosmic journey begin! ✨

Greetings, celestial companions! Welcome to the Astrological Time Clock, where we embark on a journey of wellness, one hour at a time. I am Queen B. Divine, and I've found solace in this cosmic clock, a tool that aids my mental health and propels me towards becoming the best version of myself. Let's delve into the transformative energies each hour brings.

Helping you to navigate throughout day...Mental health wellness

Our journey begins with Aries, the first hour. A masculine fire sign, symbolized by the ram, ruled by Mars, and governing the head. In the realm of Aries, the mantra resonates—'I am.' This fiery initiation sparks courage and self-awareness.

Additional insights Aries mantra can lighten up spirits after a lunch, or before a meeting.

Next is Taurus, the second hour. A feminine earth sign with the bull as its symbol. Taurus governs the thyroid and neck, embodying the mantra 'I have.' Ground yourself in Taurus energy to cultivate stability and material abundance.

Moving forward, we encounter Gemini, the third hour. A masculine air sign represented by the twins, ruled by Mercury, and influencing the thymus, shoulders, and communication. The mantra echoes—'I think, I communicate.' Harness Gemini's duality for intellectual and communicative endeavors.

As we reach the fourth hour, Cancer, a feminine water sign, takes the stage. Symbolized by the crab, Cancer nurtures the stomach, breasts, and ribs. 'I feel' is the mantra, guiding us into the realm of emotions and psychic receptivity.

Leaping into the fifth hour, we encounter Leo. A masculine fire sign ruled by the sun, influencing the heart, back, and spine. 'I will, I dominate' resonates as Leo encourages us to shine brightly, radiating confidence and leadership.

Additional insight most wake for work in this hour or leave for home in the leo providing a great mantra to start the day


Virgo claims the sixth hour, a feminine earth sign symbolized by the Virgin. Governing the large intestines and nervous system, Virgo's mantra is 'I analyze, I serve.' Precision and service-oriented energies guide this analytical hour.

Additional insight eating dinner in the 6th hour -Virgo 'I analyze, I serve.' great mantra along with gratitude to begin any meal

The seventh hour gracefully falls under Libra's influence, a masculine air sign symbolized by the scales. Ruled by Venus, Libra seeks balance and equality, with the mantra 'I balance, I equalize.' Embrace harmony in relationships and decisions during this hour.

Scorpio, a feminine water sign, reigns over the eighth hour. Symbolized by the scorpion, Scorpio governs the bones, joints, and teeth. 'I desire' echoes through this hour, inviting us to delve into our passions and desires.

The ninth hour welcomes Sagittarius, a masculine fire sign represented by the archer. Influencing the thighs and knees, Sagittarius inspires with the mantra 'I see, I keep the truth.' Seek truth and broaden your horizons during this hour.

Capricorn claims the tenth hour, a feminine earth sign that governs bones and joints. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn's mantra is 'I use,' inviting us to channel discipline and structure into our endeavors.

Aquarius guides the eleventh emotional hour, a masculine air sign symbolized by the water bearer. 'I know' resonates, encouraging us to embrace innovation and unconventional wisdom.

Our celestial journey concludes with Pisces, the twelfth hour. A feminine water sign represented by two fishes, ruled by Neptune. Governing the pineal gland, Pisces invites us to believe with the mantra 'I believe,' fostering spiritual connection.

Lunch or midnight enjoy the mantra of Pisces

As you navigate the hours, let these mantras serve as beacons of guidance. Join me on this cosmic exploration, where I share insights, experiences, and the transformative power of astrology. Together, let's embrace the celestial energies and become the best versions of ourselves. One love, and take care of you.

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