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Until we meet again....The Grounded and Disciplined Energy of Capricorn

Updated: Jan 21

"Putting the Cap in Capricorn"

Welcome, dear cosmic companions, to the celestial journey of "Putting the Cap in Capricorn" as we bid a fond farewell to the Capricorn season. Reflecting on my mother's wisdom, "as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end," I recall the initiation into the sun in Capricorn season around the end of December, marking the beginning of a transformative journey.

Capricorn, my North Node, promised a wild ride—a commitment to cleanse the outer layers for a radiant spring bloom. What about your North Node? Unveil the mysteries by signing up for a personalized session with me.

Capricorn, an earth sign, embodies disciplined and rooted energies. It encourages us to examine the earth beneath our feet—where we plant seeds, make decisions, and feel the essence of life. Like fertile soil, our foundations require attention, and Capricorn urges us to scrutinize the spiritual and physical grounds we walk upon, ensuring their readiness for the future.

Capricorn loves hard work and discerns when others falter in their life journey. As we transition to Aquarius, observe those around you. Who needs a helping hand? Capricorn teaches us the value of discipline and hard work, vital ingredients for manifesting dreams.

During the Capricorn season, did you sense a rise in your self-image? Did you experience a need for more discipline and seriousness in your life? Capricorn reminds us that groundwork is essential; without it, the beautiful bloom remains unseen. The polar sign, Cancer, deals with roots, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts.

As we put the cap in Capricorn, sealing off the earth energy, remember its mantra: "I use, I bring things to abundance, accomplishment." This last earth sign before the New Year's bloom grants us a chance to work with its grounding energies.

Embrace the emotional moon energy, reflecting on the emotional peace or turmoil stemming from your actions during the Capricorn season. Recognize the cyclical nature of emotions and prepare to revisit them when the sun returns to Capricorn.

Capricorn prompts us to assess our foundations—job, marriage, health, bones, blood, and muscles. Nurture these foundations with gratitude and attention. Connect with the earth spiritually, just as you would physically. Touch base with elements representing your foundation and ensure they remain robust for the journey ahead.

Capricorn's energy urges us to detoxify our bones and muscles, creating a plan for the care of our physical selves. Without strong foundations, growth is hindered. Remember the mountain—the mountain goat of Capricorn reveals the path, prompting us to climb with courage and determination.

As we embark on the Aquarius Sun, a sign of freedom and flow, recall the lessons of Capricorn. Leadership is not about dominance; it's about setting an example and creating strong foundations. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, signifies limitations, discipline, obstacles, and restrictions. Be your own lawmaker, judge, and jury.

Capricorn reveals the earthquake within societal foundations. Trust your true foundations and acknowledge that you are enough. Leadership, as Capricorn illustrates, is about being an example and inspiring others to build their foundations.

As we conclude Capricorn, celebrate your graduation and the foundation you've strengthened. The cycle continues, offering chances to become the best version of yourself. I, Queen B. Divine, am here to lend a listening ear, provide spiritual advice, or guide you through the astrological energies. One love, and thank you for joining me in "Putting the Cap in Capricorn."

And now, let us heal with the ancestors. Don't forget to sign up for monthly insights, where I can offer more celestial wisdom. Astrology has been my compass, allowing me to navigate this world confidently and positively. I invite you to explore your astrological sign, dreams, or engage in personal Zoom classes with me. Stay well, embrace the astrology of the day, and take care of you. —I am Queen B. Divine.

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