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Unveiling the Cosmic Mysteries: A Journey from Darkness to Light

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Unveiling the Cosmic Mysteries: A Journey from Darkness to Light

Greetings, seekers of truth and cosmic wanderers! 🌌 Welcome to an enlightening conversation, where we delve into the depths of the unknown, navigating the shadows to discover the radiant light within. I am Queen B.Dvine, your guide through the cosmic tapestry, and today, we embark on a profound journey from darkness to the pure essence of light.

Breaking Free from the Box: Unraveling the Demonic sizing

As I sit comfortably in my living room, contemplating the intricacies of our existence, I find it imperative to address a pervasive aspect of our world—the act of putting everything in a box. The demonic sizing of our reality seeks to confine and commodify our experiences, creating a world where everything can be neatly packaged and sold. It's the illusion we've been living, a world constructed to consume our divine energy in exchange for material goods acquired through the toil of a 9-to-5 existence.

Pluto's Transition: Awakening from Illusion

The cosmic dance continues, and we find ourselves on the cusp of Pluto's transition from Capricorn into Aquarius. A pivotal moment, as we collectively awaken from the illusions that have shrouded our understanding of the world. The truth is, we've all been living in a realm of deception, and the journey to enlightenment requires us to open our eyes in the dark and courageously move towards the light.

The Darkness Within Astrology: Deciphering the Language

In this exploration, I bring forth a seemingly controversial topic—astrology. Some may label it as demonic, a tool of confinement. Yet, as a healer, I delve into the darkness to unravel its secrets. Astrology, like any religion, has been boxed and categorized, separating individuals from the divine creator. However, it holds a language that, when decoded, offers insights into the natural alignment of the universe.

Water: The Symbol of Ever-Flowing Divinity

Taking a moment to sip on water, I am reminded of its symbolic nature. Water, ever-flowing and never duplicating itself, serves as a metaphor for divine divinity. In the darkness, we must learn to speak to our inner waters, for it is in the connection to these spiritual waters that we find life and renewal.

Darkness as a Path to Light: Ascending Through Knowledge

The journey from darkness to light mirrors the natural order of our world. Just as plants grow in the dark soil before reaching towards the light, we, too, must navigate the depths of darkness to ascend towards enlightenment. Religion, astrology, or any "ism" may be considered dark places, but they are tools for learning and experiencing the human condition. The ultimate goal is to break free from these confinements and step into the true light, giving birth to our authentic selves.

A Call to Unveil the Truth: Encoded Messages in Darkness

As we confront the notion of astrology being labeled as demonic, let us remember that everything has shades of darkness and light. The key is to unravel the messages within, see the truth, and set ourselves and others free. In the cosmic realm, there is only one true light source, and it is our spirit's journey to reconnect with it.

Calm Worship: Reflecting on the Darkness and Light

Taking a moment for calm worship, let's reflect on the profound realization that we are all born in darkness. It is in the transition to the light that true growth and consciousness begin. The tools we encounter—be it astrology, religion, or any categorization—are merely crutches guiding us through the human experience.

Breaking the Chains: Choosing the Path to Light

As lightworkers, our mission is to guide others in decoding the messages hidden in the darkness. Whether it's astrology, Christianity, or any other belief system, these are all temporary crutches. The ultimate liberation comes when we step out of the box and choose our own way toward the light.

Conclusion: An Invitation to Ascend

In closing, I extend an invitation to each seeker—regardless of your current belief system. Join me in unraveling the cosmic mysteries, decoding the hidden truths, and ascending from darkness to the pure light of existence. Check out for more insights, and remember, there is only one energy that supports life. Let's walk this path together, emerging from the darkness into the brilliance of our true selves. One love, Queen B. signing off from Healing with the Ancestors. The cure is a conversation, a conversation that leads to change. #Let'stalk.*

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