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There's always something new and exciting in the cure shop simply because QueenBDivine does her best to deliver you  some new bits of wearable motivation. Below you'll find the latest quotes designed  to have a great impact on your mentalhealth Because The cure is conversation.  Bluntreflections know that You are worth it !

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Listen up !!!! Every Tuesday  we talk royalty and share wisdom. Join the conversation with host QueenB.Divine 

as we share wisdom and insights from the journey. 

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Don't forget your Tiara and insights to connecting to your crown chakra

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What if there was a map that would lead you right to your goals and dreams? What would you sacrifice to get it? What if that sacrifice was death? QueenB.Divine’s knows that death can lead you to the light and that light can lead you to victory as defined by you. But your mind must be up for the journey. QueenB.Divine’s life journey was a INTER-MIND-VENTION: interrupting the darkness of the mind to give way to light of wisdom. Will you find the map before darkness takes over?  

This book is filled with QueenB.Divine insights, if you enjoyed the podcast you will love the book.