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FullMoon light - Ancestars download

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  • 45 minutes
  • 35 US dollars
  • vancouver

Service Description

"Full Moon Highlights with Queen BDivine" is an event that combines various elements to harness the powerful energy of the full moon for healing and self-discovery. Focused Mantras: Participants are guided in using focused mantras, which are sacred and powerful words or phrases, to channel their intentions and desires. Mantras help individuals align their energy with the lunar energy of the full moon, facilitating personal growth and transformation. Full Moon Insights: Queen BDivine shares her insights into the significance of the full moon. She explains the astrological and spiritual aspects of the full moon, helping attendees understand how this celestial event can influence their lives. This knowledge empowers participants to make informed decisions and embrace the energy of the full moon for positive change. Healing with Ancestors: The event also delves into the ancestral realm, offering insights and techniques for connecting with one's ancestors. This connection is believed to provide guidance, wisdom, and healing from those who have come before us. Queen BDivine facilitates a healing process that involves acknowledging and honoring one's ancestors, seeking their blessings, and receiving guidance from them. Downloaded Insights: Queen BDivine shares insights and messages that she believes are channeled or "downloaded" from a higher source. These insights may offer guidance, inspiration, or revelations to help attendees on their spiritual journey and personal growth. In summary, "Full Moon Highlights with Queen BDivine" is an event that combines the power of focused mantras, full moon knowledge, ancestral connections, and channeled insights to create a holistic experience aimed at personal healing and spiritual growth. It provides participants with the tools and wisdom to harness the energy of the full moon and connect with their ancestors for guidance and transformation.

Cancellation Policy

No refunds and that you for trusting the process.

Contact Details

  • Canada

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