What is Zen; Calmness, enlightenment and a imperative tool in healing.

There have been many times when I can remember when I was too angry or in a state of depression to remember anything positive and did not what to hear it either . The longer I was depressed the farther I got away from the ability to heal myself justifying my grief.

Healing myself with the assistance of my emotion has become essential to my survival. Due to the fact that most of my journey I had to walk alone physically and/or mentally from the world. For the most part my family and friends had long since abandon me but, at times the I had to choose to abandon them.

My most powerful and potent time of healing for me was when I could be still and calm and remember/reflect on thoughts past ... that this to shall pass nothing remains the same, even without effort things seem to change. So, I Imagined if I put positive energy to toward the natural force of change.

... I used my Ima-ZEN-ation.

Memories can be a positive force for healing.

Present moment can help trigger healing if only we could be calm;

  • Remembering when you started and finished a process can bring a sense of accomplishment in the now and a new journey.

  • Remembering the beauty and the true essence of childhood and bringing the positive forward into adulthood.

  • Remembering friendships and connections that are no longer in your life but, had been instrumental in your positive growth .

Find these memories in the calmness of life and use the to motivate you forward.

Motivation for life .....

Creating and sharing original motivation

Positivity & Love that I never had as a child or as youth but, found and learned on the journey of my life later as an adult.

Thank you for reading ....Blessings on the journey ....QueenBDivine

Forces of motivation that can help change the weather in your life .....

Helping to inspire the path toward success.


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