Wise up !

When we begin to see the beauty through all the ugliness we begin to Open up ! and do one of the most difficult things we will ever have to do ... "We dare to dream" and some cases those dreams allow us to come to a truth if and when we must realize that Blood may be thinker than water but, water quenches the thirst

We wise up and then grow up in the spirt. When the spirit reaches a new height, a new truth can be seen in the land. Just as each time a bird climbs the sky it will see a new view and perhaps a new place to feed, live and create.

The truth allows us to make better choices in your life; better choices a better life and to greater height you can fly.

When the truth is hidden due to; Power, greed and /or the negative projection of self ; Selfishness turned in ward permanently.

We begin to "wise down" so to speak, with no motivation to move forward. But, even the promise of flight no matter how short, no matter the height just to have the ability to see a sliver of sunlight, we begin to wise up! Sunlight is wisdom.

  • So get out and listen to a podcast on a walk on, a new path.

  • Meet some one new in a safe space that you feel comfortable and exchange wonderful conversation.

  • Dare to dream board of all the things you wish to manifest then take small bites.

  • Look around you find or create your family/ mend fences if you must then climb over them together.

We all need to remember why are we here

Sooooooooooooooooo WISE UP!

then find your purpose, flying the skies of success


SEE ya there

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