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Hungry for a Wisdom App-etizer

Want to be a Wisdom App-etizer?

A person who inspires you to get hungry to share your own story
A person who inspire you to realize the truth, that your story matters
Meet Wisdom App-etizer Kristen Brown

You can find Kristen Brown on instagram where she shares her insight about life and self love.


Why wait? You can listen to her here live from the Wisdom App...it's great mental health.

QueenBDivine share the stage and conversation with Kristen Brown, stay awhile and listen...ONELOVE



Kristen Brown & QueenBDivine

Kristen Brown on instagram


GOT Wisdom? Interested in a Wisdom App-etizer? j

Join Queen.B.Divine as she sets the table with Wisdom's top mentors. Creating a hunger to find your own wisdom, everyone has a story. Come have a taste of ours. WISDOM APP


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