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Why speak your truth. Does it matter?

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing with Queen B. Divine as she shares her deeply personal experiences and insights into the power of the throat chakra. From a harrowing dream that foreshadowed her life to the transformative impact of astrology and dream interpretation, Queen B. Divine delves into the significance of speaking one's truth and reclaiming personal power.


- Explore Queen B. Divine's vivid dream of being shot in the throat and the profound symbolism it held for her life's journey.

- Gain insights into the astrological significance of Taurus season and its connection to the throat chakra.

- Learn about the importance of expressing one's truth and setting healthy boundaries for emotional well-being.

- Discover the healing properties of Bloodstone and its ability to cleanse and revitalize the body and spirit.

- Dive into powerful excerpts from Joseph Murray's "The Subconscious Mind" and Judy Hall's "The Crystal Bible" to deepen your understanding of healing and manifestation.

Join Queen B. Divine on a transformative exploration of the throat chakra's power and learn practical techniques to unlock your voice and embrace your authentic self.

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