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We are equal ...

Equal is defined as: in quality, nature, or status

Equality has been a conversation that most of us have had at one time or another.

The cause for the conversation is due to the fact most still feel that we are not equal.

Despite the fact that most believe that we come from ONE Great creator that has instilled the powerful magic of life within us all, the debate still continues.

But what makes us equal?

  • We all breathe in the same air/oxygen which sustains us.

  • Blood courses throughout our veins.

  • Bones maintain our inner structure.

  • We all need sunlight.


But, when society has its way with the definition, suddenly things change

We are no longer equal due to ;

  • Skin color

  • Sexuality

  • Race

  • Religion

  • Gender

  • Education

  • Class.....unfortunately, the list does go on.


Society has always used labels to separate and divide. This allows for war and disagreement to continually control the narrative blocking conversation and communities to thrive.

When division is creating the foundations of our society The CURE can not be applied and that cure is conversation. Healing and understanding can't be accomplished because fear grabs hold of our hearts within and without, causing War. We begin to question survival and begin to build walls without doors. Doors can be open with choice or acceptance and of course the key of love. When there are no doors fear builds because there is no way out but to climb. Climbing creates a visual picture of a potential fall and no one wants to fall which can cause injury, and who wants to be injured.

Equal can also be defined as any life that has the potential to love, show love, and be loved then equal becomes inclusive; for animals, women, men, and children.

THE CURE can be applied which is Conversation. The Cure can lead to healing through open dialogue, humor, fun, and transparency, then the truth of how truly we are alike can be expressed.

If society has made you feel unequal perhaps a dialogue within should first take place.

If someone called you a car would you believe it?


Why would you believe you are not equal?

  • Where the mind goes the body follows transform your mind with truth. The truth is that you are a part of the cosmic magic called life.

  • That love is entwined within you but, you must access it with the power of choice.

  • That you are created by the same stuff that the stars are made of which makes you part of the great collective.

  • That men and women are equal, but any differences that are present only arise from the choices we make for ourselves to aid in becoming the best version of ourselves

  • Those who choose to believe in inequality that is their bull shit which should never change your innate truth

Every day celebrate your beauty as a human being equal to that which is in the heavens and to all that is full of love. Allow yourself the courage to make choices to accentuate your equality, and support others in doing the same.

Because when we add; love, life, freedom together the math is clear... we are all equal.

so celebrate.


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