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The Wheels of justice are turning.

Truckers have been known to transfer goods across the world what about justice?


But, who would have thought that wheels have the power to change the world?

Wheels have power and the world is final listening

The wheels are moving that power and our unified voice in the right direction,

In the direction that allows our voice to be heard.

Truckers and the hearts of the nation, the world is moving in the right direction.

The wheels of justice are moving in the right direction in the direction of freedom.

Who would have thought that the circular disk beneath our cars and truck would be finally moving in unity?

We the people are ready to move toward freedom and justice.

My mother used to say "When fear is upon us move in the direction of faith, faith is an action" We must move as one nation towards empowerment, and finally power is turning the wheels into empower not one but all.


How can you support?

Ask; What does freedom mean to you?

The answer should propel you to move the wheels within your mind to see and feel the truth.

I hope your wheels are moving.

  • In the direction of freedom.

  • in the direction of justice.

  • In the direction of love.

  • In the direction choice.

  • In the direction of free will.

Do you feel the wheels turning? Then join the caravan of love ...honk if you love freedom and justice.

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