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The power of "wishing others well."

Greetings, greetings, greetings! I'm Queen B.Divine, and I hope you're feeling well today. In the season of Pisces, it's essential to call your power back, deep within your subconscious. This season is all about introspection and setting your mind for the day, the week, and beyond.

The Sun in Pisces and Moon in Gemini combination offers a unique opportunity to delve into your subconscious and plant seeds of positivity. The 12th house of Pisces symbolizes everything you've learned, good and bad, waiting to be cleaned out. Your subconscious beliefs shape your reality, so it's crucial to ensure they are positive and empowering.

During Moon in Gemini, it's a great time to have a conversation with your subconscious. Find a quiet space, ask yourself a question, and listen to the answer. If it's negative, use this time to correct that programming. Tell yourself positive affirmations and reprogram your subconscious to reflect the truth of who you are.

Mantras are powerful tools to help you get into a positive space. They are not meant to replace action but to align your thoughts with your goals. Choose a mantra that resonates with you and repeat it regularly to emit positive energy.


Helping you recreate a space to create.

One beautiful mantra is "wishing others well." This mantra emphasizes the importance of wishing for others what you wish for yourself—peace, love, joy, and abundance. By rejoicing in the progress and prosperity of all people, you invite positivity into your life as well.

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Remember to take care of yourself and stay safe. Join me on this journey of mental health and self-discovery. Together, we can navigate the challenges and joys of life with transparency and love. One love!

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