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The bully may be alive. But, unity must prevail.

When I was a child the bully was a big kid who believed that his strength was pushing others around. That believed strength manifested into a fear that others showed by giving in to his demands. Now, it seems the bully does not have a body but a thirst to control the narrative of free will and speech in and on social media.


When did social media become the ring in which we can be heard? Social media has become a ring that contains our main source of news that has slowly been tightening around the neck of the collective. And as a collective, we must loosen it before it decapitates our voice permanently.


But, who is the bully? The bully seems to be a force that is bent on controlling how we speak and who speaks and when. Misinformation has always been and will always be. Since the dawn of time, the moon has fooled the eye into believing it has its own light until we have learned differently that the sun is its true source.....yet the sky has not bulled us or the moon into revealing this truth. Time was the victor in the reveal.


What happen to our power to choose what was best for us?

News has blocked anything that opposes the false narrative.

Many have been bullied to support that.

What is the fear behind allowing humans to think for themselves using the mind that the Creator has provided us?

Social media has put us in the ring pitting us against each other going in the direction of divide instead of unity.

New school vs Old school and we are falling for it.


Old school should know better than to allow this to happen you are the leaders who have paved a path with free will that is sung in your music, your words, and hearts from a generation gone by. It is a platform for new schools to walk proudly on. But, when the new school tries to exercise this freedom it is so quick to be shut down. How soon we forget.

But, who is the bully? The system that puts monetary gain before humanity.

The goal is unity not against our freedoms but, unity for freedom for all.

"That you don't know what you've got, Till it's gone" Joni Mitchell

Once sang in her song.


I don't want to know when it has gone. I choose to know now. Please fight for free speech

we all deserve that.

The Creator has made our minds powerful, and we all can use the spirit of discernment. That is what made the old school so wise, unity will get us there.

Fight for unity, don't be a bully. Be the Gods that we were all meant to be.......

"free to be you and me."


The bully is alive but, we must put a dagger in its heart meaning: Do not allow that mentality to divided us because "United we stand divided we fall"

Need a reminder.....


"In union there is strength."

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

"We have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish, but we have not learned the simple art of living together as brothers."

John F. Kennedy

"The unity of freedom has never relied on uniformity of opinion."

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