Squeeze me!

When life squeezes you the juice of life comes through some sour some sweet hydrating a journey's vigor , it is up to you to add additional flavor. QBD

Squeeze me! If you please and life will do it don't be afraid of that. Life gets dry and full of lies requiring a burst of sweet and sour. Much needed hydration in soooooooo many ways.

Joy , sadness, truth, creation and more, the expression of it. The purpose of the journey is to explore.

  • Your life energy is needed in the world because we are the collective, a collective that shares.

  • We are all here to re-create the world in our image to show the way.

  • The fountain of life needs to over flow flooding into the plains of our very existence then allow our light to shine.

  • Creating a new growth with each new generation.

  • Flavors will blend well into the future.

Sweet & Sour, it will be wonderful.

Sweet: The word of truth and beauty that savors calling the mid-tones of additional flavor.

Sour : Inspiration continual reawakening the inner soul.

Blessing on this journey called life ...ONELOVE

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