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Scorpio moon insights : By QueenB.Divine

Scorpio moon insight : So your emotions may want to go....

Scorpio insights- listen to some classical piano

Welcome to Moon in Scorpio. Insights under sun in Capricorn. Well, you know the the moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is a watery sign and the Capricorn is an Earth sign. So your emotions may want to go deep into the Capricorn Earth energies and get some nutrients. So don't forget to let it flow. Let it free your body because you know the watery energies of Scorpio has the ability to to soften the earth of the Capricorn earthly energy so you can flow better through the sun in Capricorn. So allow your moon energies of Scorpio to let you flow and let it free your body. The more you know what love.

for you enjoyment the audio is available listen here


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