The Spirit is Timeless

Updated: Jun 24

Somewhere in Nanaimo

In today's world separations is all to real. But, if you allow yourself to see that the world is not so bad because there are people who still smile and are not afraid to connect nor be close. Then you are a part of a beautiful truth that needs to be shared.

The human spirit is timeless. The human spirit dwells in all people and it lives.

  1. In the background the word "timeless" appears ...It was not intentional.

  2. The universe speaks volume if choose to hear or see.

  3. Do you notice how close and tight the hug is? ....

  4. We must nurture our spirit in the same way.

  5. The red represents the root chakra (T-shirts) Red energy is : action, confidence, courage, and change. The color brings passion , strength to your relationships, life and work.

On this particular day I had been questioning if the human spirit lives.

These two AWESOME gentlemen answered the question.

The spirit and the beauty of humanity is timeless and we should hold tight and never give up on that truth.

THANK-YOU for the reminder.

ONELOVE from Nanaimo

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