OPEN up!

Updated: Mar 24

Closed door, closed road , closed window an invitation not to come in, the heart may reflect the same if closing is the game.

Why is nothing good coming into your life ?...You may have asked your self once or twice.

Perhaps your heart is closed.... but, how do you open such a fragile treasure....carefully.

When you choose to buy any item for your house or your self with your hard earn money

you check twice you don't want to waste your money on garbage, same to goes for the heart don't waste you positivity on those who treat you like garbage.

Otherwise you will fear a true opening when the time is needed. Take the time to choose people who will be around your heart wisely. Your heart is a treasure treat it as such and others will too.

Learn to test the heart yours and other don't have to fully open your heart to another right away, give others the chance to earn the beauty of you heart.

  • Time

  • Conversation

  • Observation

Are all ways that you can test another's worthiness

You are worth it wouldn't give away your paycheck don't give away your heart.


Blessings on this journey called life.

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