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New world mentality

In the old world, many of us have become sluggish toward freedom. The value of freedom has been underrated and unnoticed, until now. The freedom to be with those whom you love and call family or friends. Many of us put up with outdated friendships and broken family structures due to the fact we did value strong healthy relationships, nor did we consume its power.


Children which should be the symbol of our future have become a burden due to a past that we have not learned from. Children have become something we had due to a sexual encounter and if their conception inconvenienced us we were soon to abort the life.

The education of children has become unimportant somewhere to house them while we worked jobs we did not like while creating pay-cheques that would not support our needs. Our youth turn to technology instead of the wisdom of our ancestors.

It seems the old world made us complacent stealing our passion for the gift of life, we have become blind.

Now, the new World has begun to arrive prying our eyes open to see a truth that we neglected in the old world, the value of our lives and our power as humans, the freedom to live

How do we as humans make the necessary adjustments so we do not make old-world mistakes?

We must create a new vigilance toward freedom; in our hearts, in our lives, and with the divine creator. Each moment can not be devoid of passion for without passion life becomes a slippery slope into despair. The moment that we put monetary value above the sacred love for life we must seek divine discipline through the way of silence so the creator can redirect us back toward the path of love.


We must return family back to the pinnacle of the hierarchy of society; be it the one we come through or the ones we have chosen. Enlist value in creating new connections as well as fortifying the ones we have in our lives. The destruction of the family and its importance has slowly been destroyed and what wants to take its place is a shadow of its true potential.


We must protect children, the seed that will create solutions and new ideas that will nourish the soil of creativity. Time must be in the equation and it must be of the best quality.


Our youth must be inspired to seek the wisdom of our ancestors guided by the passion of adults. For in that communication lies the connection to our roots because without roots we are dead.


As adults, we must slow down allowing ourselves to be seen as examples, by not allowing the fast-paced consumerism of life to dictate how we live or how we love the gift of life.

We need to create a new world mentality from the crumbling old world that left values in the dust to rot. Use the lessons, the lessons that have pried open our eyes as fertilizer to create new growth that will sustain us going forward. Lifting our head is a passionate flow to seek out and connect to that which gave us life on this beautiful planet. We can do this because we have done it before, the only difference this time is we will do it right.


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