NEW WIRES Available

Like all of us I have had a past, a past that has become powerful in its' sharing of wisdom due to the fact that I have had a blessing, the blessing of standing still.

Despite what you may have heard it is a very difficult skill to stand still.

Standing still created the ability to view my surrounding giving me a more robust idea of what surrounds me.

My stillness confirmed it : We are living in an broken society. I was broken as well.

My husband is a great electrician telling me stories of bad/faulty wiring which had

been previously done in the house that he has had the blessing of working in.

In the telling of the stories he mentions that instead of pulling out the wiring redoing it over right. A poor decision was made which resulted in a poor a connection

The new connection was made with scape pieces : The past

That's when he comes in doing what does not want to be done starting over and making it

safe with new wire: letting go starting anew.

"Clean connections along with the patience is what it takes to do it right" he said

I find that in my stillness, noticing that we are living in a broken society. I had to stop the patch work of my life ; Not becoming victim and admitting the brokenness, letting go of the past.

The system we have created is broken as well as our selves we must commit to a new rewiring in our ourselves

how do we do that? Return to Source.

My unawareness of being broken caused sadness a drought of joy but, Source in stillness healed me

The past is the past.

Stillness is the rewiring : The future.

It is painful work to rewire for it requires an awareness while maintaining your truth.

A new life means a light that fills the tunnel not just at the end.

New wiring means; implementing fresh new ways of thinking, relating, being.

Day by day we can heal

Because the past is behind us ; Old wires

The lessons we take forward: New wires

Source is available in stillness: Rewiring a new you.

Turn on the light. Please.


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