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Libra Moon insights

Updated: Jan 4

Welcome to your Libra Moon insights :

Oh, Libra moon , you know, every month we all go through your moon,  all signs go through the cycle. And I tell you every Libra moon, remember your mantra I balanced I equalize because by the time you get to another moon Libra, you're gonna be off kilter......

So remember to bring yourself back to center, I balanced I equalize Oh, you know what I mean? Because when you forget  to restart, you've got to reset, get yourself centered, we could go further into each astrological month i off balance because we haven't recalibrated ourselves. So whether you are even in any area of your Investing be of balance , life investing  will and able, teaching, love relationships, in inner harmony...wherever balance need be remember, to get back to center before you jump off kilter making any more decisions, it is important to come back to center. So today, that is your mission. If you choose...... getting back to center

In a world constantly seeking balance, the quest for harmony between our body, mind, and spirit is ever-present. This delicate equilibrium is the focus of Queen B.Divine's podcast episode, where celestial harmony and the Libra Moon play central roles. The episode is an explorative journey that delves deep into the aspects of immune wisdom, inner cleansing, and the holistic rejuvenation of our being.

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Embarks on this voyage of discovery, the Libra Moon becomes a beacon of equilibrium, its mantra "I balance, I equalize" resonating throughout the narrative. Queen B.Divine emphasizes the months of March and April as a period for introspection and a true reset, contrary to the popular belief that New Year's resolutions are the starting point for personal change. The phases of the Moon are introduced as not just celestial occurrences but as a guide to channeling energy for mental health and personal growth.

The Cure is Conversation also features insights from immune knowledge expert Lothar Rink, who sheds light on the critical role of zinc in our immune system. Zinc, an often-overlooked mineral, is a 'gatekeeper of immune function,' and many of us may be unknowingly deficient. This episode does not merely state facts; it actively encourages the audience to consider their dietary habits and integrate natural remedies into their wellness routines.

Another topic of importance in the episode is the ancestral wisdom and the tradition of cleansing our bodies and spirits. Queen B.Divine shares personal experiences and ancestral connections, emphasizing the need for regular detoxification. She posits that flu season is the body's natural detox period, where 'karmic sludge' is shed, and she advocates for natural cleansing methods such as lemon and cayenne water.

Moreover, the conversation ventures into the realm of natural immunity boosters, highlighting the age-old tea tree oil and its benefits. Listeners are guided on how to safely introduce such natural remedies into their health practices, reinforcing the idea of wellness as a proactive journey that sometimes requires us to embrace the messy process of healing.

In summary, this episode is a treasure trove of wellness wisdom that harmoniously blends the influence of celestial bodies, natural remedies, and ancestral knowledge. Queen B.Divine's message is clear: wellness is an ongoing quest that necessitates an awareness of our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. The episode concludes with a celebration of self-care and a reminder that our bodies are sacred vessels deserving of attention and respect.

This insightful episode, we are left with a sense of empowerment. The tools and knowledge imparted by Queen B.Divine equip us to embark on our own quests for balance and rejuvenation, guided by the wisdom of the stars and the strength of our ancestral roots. So, let us embrace the cleansing power of the Libra Moon and renew our inner strength with the guidance of celestial harmony and the natural wisdom of our forebears.

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