It is not a Mirage...

Life can leave you slowing down looking for answers when love breaks your heart. And if your are not looking for answers there is always signs.

As I was blessed to take a trip Las Vegas not to long age , I looked up and saw this. It made me think is the universe talking? And are we confusing the messages?.

One of the meaning of a Beatle is as follows

  • The strength to carry on through hard times

Mirage is defined as

Love is defined well you know.

Love the energy to carry on through hard times, is a Mirage.

Now whether they meant to or not that is what i saw subconsciously soaking in my brain while I am being distracted by lights and possibility of wealth....but after all it is Las Vegas.

How many times do we receive messages that we don't fully ingest at the moment or really see or pay attention too but, later find a way to our heart.

Life, the world and news bombards us with messages that are not real and due to our surrounding and lack of faith we believe it. Creating a miraged of fear and doubt in very energy we need LOVE.

While the subconscious messages that we don't pay attention harden the heart

Live real and believe.


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