It ain't pretty

GARBAGE stinks and when we shit or vomit, releasing the garbage of life, detoxing it is not meant to be is meant to heal and after the process the beautiful is revealed .QBD

Does your shit stink? ... Do you try to cover it up with sprays, perfume? .....

I found myself on my journey doing that same thing justifying the path to a better version of me .

Most times on the journey I was releasing, cleansing, vomiting, shitting up storm, ridding my self of toxic shadows of darkness. Spraying deodorants life's garbage, ashamed of the it and the stench that came from my life due to depression, sadness , lack of love and poor choices.

But, every year that went by, I became lighter: Physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Many times I tried dressing up my garbage; Denying sadness, using mind altering drugs to avoid the pain, deflecting and working way to hard on my outer beauty. No matter how much I tried to hide the garbage, the stench of sadness engulfed my life repelling beauty, love and more

We are ashamed that we have breakdowns

We are ashamed that suddenly we get the urge to have the ugly cry in the most inconvenient times.

Physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally we are weak

That we need assistance

We are human and emotions are hard.

There are lights of love that can help

Music, words, recreation, family and friends

to help purge and release the garbage from our life

Most of us can't stand garbage and judge others for having it but, we all need to be able to remove our garbage without judgement or fear.

I soon realized that garbage was a useful tool, a symptom that things need to be cleaned up and out not dressed up nor to be to be ashamed of. I became lighter; Physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

We need to remember that life comes with beauty as well as garbage that we need to sift through and remove .

Take your garbage to the curb/ the elements of life with pride. Allow the; Air, rain, earth, fire to help release all your crap. And with the assistance of those that love you and want you to become the best version of yourself....eventually your shit may not stink any more :).

The garbage ....It ain't pretty ....but you, are a beautiful

hue-man being cleaned every day.....get it ?!

Happy cleaning

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