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How do you define pain: War, stress, injury, etc?

Pain: Mental or emotional distress or suffering.

  • How do you define pain?

  • Is pain tolerance a part of mental health?

  • How can pain tolerance levels be measured in the mind?

  • What defines if something should hurt?

  • Why do we compare each other's pain?

  • If no pain is felt physically does that mean it does not hurt the mind?

  • Why does pain bring a rush of tears to some while only summoning a drop for others or nothing at all?

WHY do WE try to hide the pain? is it a sign of weakness?

  • Why do some emotions debilitate some but may not even make another sweat?

  • Stress; The deformation caused in a body by such a force

  • Anxiety: Mentally distressing concern or interest

  • Can stress and anxiety be defined as pain?

  • What is worse mental or physical pain?

  • What defines pain: Mind, body, and soul?

  • Must all three be considered to be pain?

In this mental health blog, the focus will be on pain and the many issues around it.

"Pain no gain" is a statement we are familiar with but, is it true?. Pain is an ongoing subject in our society due to the fact we face it every day on some level from; Wars, abuses, and its constant appearance in media, but what have we gained from the pain? It also brings up many other questions like how are we processing this daily barrage of pain and are we processing it at all? These are just a few of the questions that will be attempted to answer from experiences that have led to my own wisdom.

Is pain tolerance a part of mental health?

Can the tolerance level to pain be measured in the mind?

When we look at the world it seems all that has been created was made to inflict pain on some level. From television which seems to be saturated with war and unhappy endings.

Love stores create more sadness than joy. it would be safe to say that We’re all being driven mad here on this planet.


What defines if something should hurt?

Our emotional state has been driven by our need for pain, it seems to justify our existence in some way. When in truth love is all we need, when will we ever learn?

This constant induction into pain must have a psychological effect on our growth perhaps that is why there is a rise in mental health and related issues according to the

*American phycological association

I believe the answer lies in education which should begin in preschool or even let us go deeper it should start from home. To start: an awareness about what pain is? should be introduced to help children to become familiar with what is not ok. All too often pain is associated with strength this allows the body to go through injury unnecessarily. The information should also include how to properly heal the pain it should be addressed individually and not by a collective view. Pain should be dealt with without judgment and applying only compassion.

How do you define pain?

Growing up pain was defined by blood if there was no blood there was no pain. that alone put a negative view on how I saw pain.

Dismissing pain that did not fit the initial mold on how I was taught. It became a block toward the digestion of my own pain. It allowed me to neglect most childhood trauma delaying my mental maturity and healing.

Is pain tolerance a part of mental health?

Not having an informed idea of how much pain I could withstand caused me to make some interesting decisions throughout my life. Some allowed me to see the depth of my pain helping me to make better choices in the future.

While others caused me to realize that the onset of pain, is a road of warned caution.


How can pain tolerance levels be measured in the mind?

Who can say what should hurt and what should not hurt? Pain is an interesting emotion that can be delayed with distraction.

For instance, if a child falls down and hurts itself often distract is part of the cure. Distracting a child with colorful toys or something else to allow the focus of the child to not be on the pain.

It may work but, what does that do for the pain that has been registered in the mind? is it still there but has it been processed? In the aforementioned is not a healthy way to deal with pain

From my experience, it just delays the pain eventually the mind will need to deal with it and perhaps at an inappropriate time.

Stress; The deformation caused in a body by such a force

Anxiety: Mentally distressing concern or interest

The above definition from my point of view certainly defines pain and the worst kind I think

because society does not really think that stress and anxiety is pain. Stress and Anxiety are partners in crime, a direct path the Mental health injuries

Can stress and anxiety be defined as pain?

They both weaken the mind and body which allows the body to be susceptible to disease and other ailments. As soon as pain anxiety is detected through the outward symptoms of lack of focus or outburst to name a few whether at work or in a social area. Time off should be a requirement and other tools should be offered ie: Paid leaves with communication assistance etc

What is worse mental or physical pain?

A question I have asked myself. I have learned that pain is pain:

If it hurts and stops you from moving forward. Its pain.

If it causes your memory to remain in a negative mental loop. its pain.

Mental or physical if it causes an unhealthy opening in the body or mind . it is pain

Applying judgment on another by associate words such as; pussy, weak or

phases like as grow up or big boys don't cry or big girls don't cry. Those words do nothing to strengthen the mind nor does it validate any position of power, it only serves to delays proper healing.

A healthy mind is a mind that can transition through the emotions and experiences of life while living in this world that is dominated by negativity. Society's structure will eventually create resilience toward the negative. An outward and inward noticeable scar will form. WE will visibly walk away from things that harm us and that reflection will be reserved as a space of remembrance that we have healed from a sick society. We choose to not create pain nor block its wisdom. Our strength will be to learn and find its wisdom. Not to create more.

Pain should not be blocked by medication or judgment. The tools needed the freedom to feel and information applied with love.

  • Healing pain takes time

  • Breathing helps to move through the pain

  • Find a good support system ie friends or family that you trust.

  • Journaling about your pain helps to create a dialogue to the inner self

  • Always be compassionate with yourself and others



*American phycological association

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Queen B Divine was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Her traumatic childhood and her education have allowed her to share her views about mental health. Transparency helps others to heal from their own childhood trauma as well as maintain that strength throughout adulthood. QueenBBivine has felt that process inside herself. Creating a whole new thinking pattern, helping to form the best version of herself. Her darkness stemmed from a painful childhood. The cure is Conversation and conversation heal. QueenBDivine creates all her conversations with healing energy allowing the light to shine toward a bright future. She now lives in Vancouver as they wait expectantly for their new arrival with an Awesome husband, their super dog. ONELOVE

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