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Full Moon magic ... is real.

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

The Full Moon stands as a potent symbol of culmination and fulfillment. Its radiant glow signifies the climax of the lunar cycle, a moment when intentions sown during the New Moon phase sprout forth, reaching their zenith. In astrological parlance, the Full Moon occurs when the sun and moon sit in opposing zodiac signs, casting their radiant beams upon our dreams and hopes. This cosmic alignment creates a magnetic dance between the energies of illumination and release, forming a bridge between our conscious desires and the depths of our subconscious.

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During this lunar crescendo, emotions run high as tides surge and psychic energies surge. It's a time when we're called to stand on the precipice of self-discovery and contemplate the balance between our inner world and the external realm. The Full Moon beckons us to embrace its inherent duality: the sun's vitality, ego, and conscious awareness in opposition to the moon's emotional wisdom, intuition, and unconscious yearnings.

Astrologically, the sign in which the Full Moon occurs imparts a distinct hue to its power. A Full Moon in fiery Aries ignites our passions and drives, while one in practical Virgo prompts introspection and refinement. Each zodiacal backdrop infuses the Full Moon with unique energies, offering us a cosmic palette to paint our intentions upon.

Yet, the power of the Full Moon extends beyond intention setting. It is a time of release as well. Just as the moon reaches its fullness, so too can we shed emotional baggage that no longer serves us. Like the tides that recede, the Full Moon encourages us to relinquish what weighs us down, fostering a sense of liberation and renewal. It invites us to craft rituals that symbolize letting go - be it through writing heartfelt letters and burning them, meditating on release, or engaging in physical practices that mirror our internal shedding.

In essence, the Full Moon serves as a luminary mirror, reflecting the dance between our conscious aspirations and our soul's deepest longings. It calls us to step into our power, harness our emotions, and direct our intentions with mindful clarity. As a world-renowned astrologer, I encourage you to embrace the enchanting energy of the Full Moon, for it is in its radiant glow that we find the magic of creation and the alchemy of transformation. As a mental health advocate, I wholeheartedly endorse the value of embracing zen as a cornerstone of mental well-being. By nurturing a sense of zen, we create a sanctuary within ourselves—a sacred space where we can find refuge, regain our equilibrium, and journey towards a state of holistic wellness.

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