From behind

From behind now is where I once stood, looking at shadows past.

No longer dancing with moonlight miseries.

From behind watching.

A witness to the consequences of a past choices that had been steeped in ignorance,

Faith stained with trust.

From behind knowing and seeing a futures truth.

Stance in front is viewed strong as a former self watches from long ago,

Head is held high and the length of hair tells of a time gone by.

The tri-union of time streams down the center of the back;

Glorifying a hard earned wisdom.

From behind the past is a witness.

A final goodbye as is it is now only a teacher.

Whispering from shadows heard with a future inner ear of strength.

From behinds .

Failure will not gaze the full face of success.

Not a slave to past disappointment.

I will not turn around

From behind it watches.

Love will walk , free into light.


Your past can be your personal slave owner shackling you to a post in time that no one visits other you.
Only can free yourself
Believe in YOU. Success awaits.

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