"The fog of life you see and experience is not meant to scare you or harm you but, instead charm you into into the joy of not knowing" QBD

Oh!..... The joy of not knowing. Do you remember being called to the journey of curiosity?

As a child we are all called to the path of curiosity; Hide and seek was a game that nurtured that joy....A fog of curiosity and with it a reward of finding what had been lost .

To be in the fog of not knowing allowed you to search, seek and using a skill that is nearly lost curiosity.

The path of curiosity can lead to wisdom: finding what was once lost or the truth.

Curiosity now last only but a moment, training the mind to fear the uncomfortable fog .The time in between not knowing and knowing then relying solely on technology rather that our innate skills to find answers.

"I don't know" is such a powerful phrase and tool to invite wisdom in, preferably organic way but, you know.

Long days at the library, long walks with the elders, time alone in a space of curiosity can create beautiful bridges in the fog of life alone or with another.

  • Allow time in a day to enjoy the "not knowing" by mediating on a thought instead of immediately looking it up on a device.

  • Have a childhood game of hide and seek include the whole family even friends .

  • Mentor this behavior for the youth and children by going on walks or create discussions time for answers to questions.

  • You do not have to assist others with finding answers in life just the companionship or your presence on the journey of curiosity.

Curiosity killed the cat? Naaaaaa....... Curiosity gave birth to wisdom..... search for it in the fog today.

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