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Take moment is an element of motivation ....

One element of motivation ... The ability to Take a moment

The series of picture and thoughts are meant to inspire your mental wellness.

With the assistance of; Photography, Video, Words, Music and podcast were all created by QueenBDivine inspired from her own personal journey.

Take a moment may help you remember what is important in life in these hectic times

Share, listen and read honest, real reflections from QueenBDivine journey.

Take a moment ...... see the beauty in life.

What do you see in this picture?

  • Notice details

  • The light

  • How it makes you feel.

In stillness beauty is reveal

Take moment often today and highlight those points throughout the day

Love the Take a moment" series ...send it as a postcard and share

"Take a moment"

Observation is a lesson in life

Many times during the week I

"Take a moment" to enjoy the basic lesson of Observation within stillness.

Which may capture the lessons that have slip past us in a hectic world.

Observation inspires stillness and appreciation .

In the video provided observe another enjoying a journey, allow it to inspire your own

Take a moment in the days ahead ..practice observation.

Moon energy

The moon has it own message of observation look up at the moon and feel it message what is it tell you .....A mantra for the MOON in Gemini

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