Don't wash away the blessings

I don't wanna do the dishes...a sly way to wash away your wishes.

I don't wanna do the laundry....a phrase that can help blessings to get squished

Blessings are like soft silk resting tired bones...for blessings our as a mother's milk.

My grandfather once told me; Love the clean up...

because it is evidences that blessing had washed up to your shores and every time you clean up the universe gives more...

Damn the torpedo's you call in the flow. because yours words have power, they are not just for show....

It may be hard but, is is an easy trick be careful of the words you pick...

A sink full.....after a belly's full is a symptoms of life after the harvest ...the circle of life is compete

I wanna do the dishes may never here those words ... but, they need to be said

Perhaps before the clean up use words of grace from that divine head when it's time to clean from a messy state

blessing have already taken there proper place.

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