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Do you Remember when?

Updated: Apr 6

IMAGINE…. yourself fulfilled because all your wishes and dreams came true. All the ones you made on a twinkling star when the sky was dark and impossibilities were few.

IMAGINE…. all of your passions aimed at the highest twinkling star above pulling your passion from the deep

within you from the seed called love. With eyes closed tightly yearning to be

heard you know that an innocent child’s prayer flies higher than the birds.

That is a picture painted by every child. Do you remember when your dreams were

full of hope and doubt was a fairy-tale too wild to imagine? The world would be different if God only answered the prayers that were made before we were twelve. Think about what the world would look like if those dreams were never shelved.

Presents would decorate every child’s lap while stepping stones to somewhere over

the rainbow would adorn the sky while animals would be happily watching close by.

Peace would be a must everywhere in the world and we would all be best friends every

boy and every girl. The streets would be paved with cotton so soft that when we got tired

we could fall asleep right on the spot. Playing in the park would be mandatory every day

and little children would never get lost because angels would help them find their way.

On every street corner there would be dealers but, in a different way; marbles for jelly

bean and pretzel stick after a long day of play.

How so very different the world would be if God only answered our prayers before we forgot

how to climb that old oak tree. Everyone would be rich in spirit and wealthy and no one would be alone, unhappy, sad or by themselves. And all colors of the world would unite as brother and sister hand and hand. Whenever the world’s children spoke in any language we would all understand by God’s grace. We would Answer every child’s call because we are all a part of the human race,. The truth would be known beyond the fog, that we are all created in love and there is only one true God.


But, the reality is that our prayers change nearly every day and perhaps God likes it this way.

But, I do miss the beauty of innocence on display whenever a child kneels to wish and pray.

I IMAGINE the world would be a much more beautiful place if we continued that way. To dream and pray like a child, back in the day.


About the Author

Queen B Divine was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Her traumatic childhood and her education have allowed her to share her views about mental health. Transparency helps others to heal from their own childhood trauma as well as maintain that strength throughout adulthood. QueenBBivine has felt that process inside herself. Creating a whole new thinking pattern, helping to form the best version of herself. Her darkness stemmed from a painful childhood. The cure is Conversation and conversation heal. QueenBDivine creates all her conversations with healing energy allowing the light to shine toward a bright future. She now lives in Vancouver as they wait expectantly for their new arrival with an Awesome husband, their super dog. ONELOVE

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