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Cosmic Awakening: the Ninth House Secrets – Reclaim Your Power in the Spiritual Winter."

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Self love is real love-

Wellness support with with QueenBDivine-

-------- Hosted by the one and only Queen Divine. In today's episode, Queen Divine delves into the profound energy of the ninth house, drawing connections between astrology, spirituality, and the cycles of life.

Queen Divine encourages listeners to call their power back, emphasizing the importance of reclaiming personal energy in a world filled with ill-intentioned individuals and negative vibes. She reflects on a time when communities nurtured each other's power for collective success, contrasting it with the current era dominated by greed and energy-draining interactions.

The host shares a captivating childhood experience, where she connected with the stars and witnessed the movements of the Zodiac signs, unknowingly tapping into the mystical realm.

Touching on the symbolism of firstborn children and their significance in various cultural rituals, Queen Divine explores the energy dynamics at play during significant life transitions. She raises thought-provoking questions about the rush to expose young talents in the public eye and the importance of nurturing one's energy reserves during the spiritual winter. So, get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and cosmic exploration with Queen Divine on . Call your power back and tune in to the wisdom she shares in every episode.


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