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Call to ACTION !! - Energies, Life Transformations, and the Power of Imagination! 🚀✨

Welcome, beautiful souls, to another episode of Cure is Conversations! Today, we're delving deep into the cosmic energies surrounding us, reflecting on the transformative journey many of us have experienced over the last 15 years. As we navigate the intricate dance of the cosmos, let's explore how the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Aquarius illuminate our path towards self-discovery, healing, and empowerment.

The Transition Period:

In this period of cosmic transition, Libra, Capricorn, Aries, and Cancer have found themselves in the midst of profound shifts. Like pieces on the chessboard of life, we've experienced trials and tribulations that tested our resilience. Libras, the mirrors of the zodiac, have faced personal challenges, learning that sometimes being the mirror means enduring collateral damage for the sake of collective growth.

Aries, ever the leaders, may have felt held back, constantly second-guessing decisions and navigating a path that seemed elusive. Capricorns, resistant to change, underwent a tumultuous journey, discovering that change, though daunting, was essential for growth. Cancers, seeking comfort in their shells, faced emotional turbulence, drawing energy from others but finding solace in self-discovery.

The Sun and Moon in Aquarius:

As we step into early February 2024, the Sun and Moon align in Aquarius, creating an energetic portal marked by the powerful numerology of 11-11. This alignment encourages us to leave behind the realm of wishes and step into the realm of action. No more wishing – it's time to manifest.

Aquarius, the cosmic connector, beckons us to embrace the lessons of the past and connect with the universal energy that binds us all. The Moon in Aquarius signals a time for planting seeds – our intentions, dreams, and aspirations. This new moon, occurring on February 9th, symbolizes a fresh beginning, a chance to grow from the lessons we've already learned.

Imagination as a Portal:

Our roots to heaven lie in our imagination, a gift often underestimated. Imagination, like the air preceding our footsteps, sets the stage for our journey. It allows us to envision a world beyond the present, where dreams and reality intertwine. Embrace your childhood ability to create kingdoms with a blanket and believe that every tree hides a new village. Your imagination is your guide.

Personal Journey – Queen of the Divine:

Sharing a glimpse of my personal journey, I've faced adversities, from abandonment to illness, evictions to the loss of a beloved pet. However, astrology became my guiding light, unveiling the cosmic rhythms that echoed my roots to heaven. Imagination played a pivotal role, paving the way for resilience and healing.

As we navigate the currents of change, remember that the lessons of the past 15 years have sculpted you into a resilient being. The Sun and Moon in Aquarius herald a time for action, for planting seeds that will blossom in the coming months. Embrace your roots to heaven, tap into your imagination, and step boldly into a future where wishes become reality.

Thank you for joining me on this cosmic exploration. Until next time, keep planting those seeds and watch your dreams bloom. Remember, your roots to heaven are uniquely yours – nurture them with love and imagination.


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