Blood may be thicker than.....

What is Family? Family is an f-word like freedom. A freedom that allows us to be ourselves.

Many of us have very different perspective of family, but one common thought is protection. Our family should protect us from the hardness of the world until we are strong enough to take on it girth.

When family does not provide the for mentioned fundamental step of protection most of us will seek this protection in unhealthy ways such as entering organizations or gangs that pervert the blessing.

"Blood may be thicker than water but water quenches the thirst "

Family does not have to include blood but it should include;

  • Truth

  • A feeling of protection

  • A genuine assist stance to help you create the best version of you

  • Freedom to grow

How to improve your family ties

  • Nurture connections

  • Nurture yourself daily and add that strength to family ties

  • Seek out those who include; trust, love and understanding : For those are the principles that unify family.

  • Become what you seek to find and it will find you.

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