Beauty in all the ugliness

So, where we? ... Ah, Yes! Taking care of yourself being "Shell-fish". Many of us contribute to some ones else dreams, while trying to carving out a little for ourselves. Leaving weekends for rest and no time for reviewing details of our life. In order to achieve that you must become "Shell-fish"

When we take time for ourselves we begin to see the beauty of life, we want to bathe in it daily.

What a refreshing joy it is to notice the beauty in life for that joy washes over the ugliness.

Did you know that ....

  • What you focus on in life, is what you see.

  • If you believe or live in an environment that is negative your out look will become such if you do not strive to carve out it beauty.

  • Surrounding yourself with those whose perspectives are positive, can help you see the beauty in life .

  • Negativity is a reality of life it is a balance, like a thorn on a rose: You may leave the rose in place enjoying the view or pick it with care, the choice is up to you. Regardless it is still a rose you can choose to view it or to feel it. Each has it's own consequence

  • Without Negativity/The thorn even if it only in the view we could not truly appreciate the Positive/Beauty in our life.

Beauty in all the ugliness of life ask us to use our mental strength to focus on the beauty then bathe in that joy daily.

Queen.B.Divine say:

Seek God's blessings and they will be found .....ONELOVE

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