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Are you suffocating ?

Introducing "The Healing Minute" from, an edgy and empowering video series designed to ignite motivation and inspire positive change. Each episode offers a quick dose of wisdom and insight, delivered with a unique flair that grabs your attention and leaves you wanting more. Whether you're looking for a burst of motivation or a moment of reflection, "The Healing Minute" is your go-to destination for a daily dose of empowerment. Tune in and join the movement towards a more inspired life!

In the depths of despair, where shadows loom large,

Courage whispers softly, a steadfast barge.

It opens your chest, lets the air flow through,

Breaking the chains of suffocating rue.

With each breath of courage, your spirit takes flight,

No longer confined, you embrace the light.

It's the breath of the brave, the ones who dare,

To rise above suffocation, to breathe in the air


Listen here

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