Are you Shell-fish?

Last week we focused on the questions

-What are your roots?

-What are your responsibilities to your roots ?

-Are you rooted in that purpose ?

-Are you uprooted ?

Answering questions like the ones above require you to be a little "Shell-fish" with your time.

Some find it hard to voice the needs to take care of self, feeling uncomfortable with such a request.

Do you take time daily or you?
Is it Quality or Quantity?
Do you find it hard to vocalize the need for time for yourself?
.... If so, please sit in that space for a moment and ask, Why?

We need to ask ourselves about the health and carve out time to be Shell-fish, for each day you will grow and the past will wash away .....

Be shell-fish enjoy life's transitions daily...fear can prevent you from doing so.

-Walk barefoot connect with Mother earth.

-Talk to God, connect with the inner you.

-Take time to journal.. investigate your day for details missed.

We must strengthen ourselves for the journey ahead

Please try, take care of you, you deserve it...It is alright to be a little "Shell-fish"......

Seek Gods blessing ....ONELOVE

Check back on Mondays or weekends for a fresh new quote...because Mondays or any day may suck or it can be great, either way you may need a boost ...ONELOVE.

All photos by QueenBDivine

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