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Like all of us I have had a past, a past that has become powerful in its' wisdom due to the fact that I have had the blessing of standing still. Standing still allows you to evaluate your mental health.


Despite what you may have heard it is a very difficult skill to perfect the art of standing still. Because it takes time and patience emotional courage and faith. Despite the difficulty, it created the necessary ability to view my thoughts which gave me a more robust idea of what was taking refuge in my mind.

In my stillness, I confirmed that I was living in a broken society. My mind was trying to fit into the brokenness which was causing my dysfunction. I needed THE CURE ...an inner Conversation with myself.

What was my mental dysfunction?

The mental dysfunction is believing that our default is sadness and excepting it

My husband is a great electrician telling me stories of bad/faulty wiring which had been previously done in the houses he had worked in. In discussion, he mentions that instead of pulling out the wiring redoing it over right. A decision was made to use scape pieces of extra wiring that would cause a fire.

That's where he came in doing what does not want to be done starting over and making it safe with new wire, clean connections which took patience to do the job right.

In my stillness, self-communication coaching was required which meant noticing that I was living in a broken society, not a broken mind leading to a deep conversation with myself. I had to stop the patchwork of trying to take pieces from society to fit within my mind. I had to change society from within.

Admitting the brokenness is the system, not ourselves & committing to work on ourselves, not the system requires stillness.

What to do now?

Apply THE CURE....have an inner Conversation with self

An awareness that allows you to view your mental health.

Noticing that sadness is a drought of joy. not a mental illness

The mental dysfunction is believing that our default is sadness and excepting it


Tears help to water our thoughts by allowing you to feel let go of toxicity to gets in the way of the future because it causes you to be still in sadness.

Thus allowing you to soak in the feeling, creating the need for change.

Allowing yourself to feel and release without judgment creates a clearer view.

Stillness is the painful work of turning the soil of life, planting the seeds in awareness while maintaining the passion to live your truth is a healthy pause that will cause you to bloom a new life. Good Mental health

A new and positive thought is a light that shines into the world so we can see that our thoughts create our reality. our thoughts must be clean and positive.

We are not broken darkness has covered our thoughts and we can not create in the dark.

Once our thought reflects the true beauty of who we are society will follow.

New wiring means; Let there be light, the light of truth caused by the power of stillness will help implement fresh new ways of thinking, relating, being. Day by day we can heal applying THE CURE can help heal from the past so we can move forward in a WHOLE new brighter future.


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