A short "TALE"

"A tale, at the end of a long journey, is sharing then a softness is discovered" QueenBDivine

The last post freedom was explored ...
"Aquarius freedom; Is the freedom to be you and me, to think freely, to speak freely. Sharing freely in responsibly and love as we travel on the waters of life, with the grace of God." QueenBDivine.

When was the last time you shared a tale of reality or imagination?

Growing my Father told me a lot of stories, stories that inspired learning, fun and spirituality were just a few jewels I found as a child. My Father had a way with words, words that were spun in to magic.

Storytelling is as old as time whether it be by the fireplace, dinner table or on a park bench it will always capture the heart and ears to be still.

Did you know ...

Storytelling is a great way to teach lessons and morals?

Being able to talk about your day to another is the story of your day and should be heard ..it's healthy

Changing routes to and from work or taking walks can add to your daily story as well as breaking up routines.

Storytelling can also be personal keeping a diary of your daily story can help with details and lessons.

When was the last time your heard a story, read a story or told a story?

Exercise your storytelling skills and your listening ears.

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