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Conversations have been around since the beginning of time. But, before the art of conversation could begin between two human beings, there had to be light to lead the way.

The first conversation begins with the Creator. speaking "Let there be light." resulting in the removal of darkness giving way to the light. 

Those words started a genetic sequence that created what 
we know and call the earth. The Earth began forming because of the bang of light and with that an awareness, life was created. 

Queenbdivine has felt that process inside herself. Creating a whole new thinking pattern, helping to form the best version of herself. 
Her darkness stemmed from a painful childhood. The struggle of overcoming the darkness remained throughout adulthood.

The conversation that QueenBdivine created with the divine self was a powerful connection, healing her. It allowed the light to shine on
a dark childhood toward a bright future.

Learning the vibration of love is innate from birth and before. But, is tainted or blocked:  due to the absence of light and the falling into

Queenbdivine's s inner strength has helped her rise from that fear. Her laughter, a reward from the journey, Along with the many stories she shares, filling the space around her with light. 

It all begins with The Cure is Conversation, with self and each other, leading to Divinity/God/Source.

QueenBdivine knows The Cure is conversation because of its healing capabilities, which can take place in any space of comfort, listening & sharing without judgment.

The CURE ....is Conversation hosted by Queen's B Divine is filled with energy to heal through the art of conversation, opening a dialogue with humor, fun, and transparency

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