The journey...



Greetings and Welcome ...

I am QueenBDivine, It has taken me awhile to get here, But, let me tell you a little about myself and the journey.

I was born in Canada in a home for unwed mothers, where I was left behind. Then my Father came to get me from Jamaica and took their to live for about 2 1/2 years with 5 of his children. 

It was at this I was stolen by a woman who claimed to be my mother and was taken back to Canada. I was raised in rooming houses and ratty apartments until my mother brought her 5 children to Canada from Jamaica, spending 7 years in Ontario housing as a family, enduring:  

Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Sexual abuse...

I finally ran away  between 11-12 years of age ...that is when I met God. 

It has taken me long while to get here, sorry about that...

My journey with God has been amazing, hard , sad , fun , boring full of love, hate ,plenty of bullshit, understanding , wisdom.


I have be lonely but never alone. There is so much more to share  and I look forward to sharing my story with all of you .I am blessed to have you listen, But please be prepared to be amazed...But you already know that about God....if you don't, you will.

ONELOVE QueenBDivine

PLEASE Support